The Fruiture Is Now!

Making our Planet Better from the Ground Up

The Fruiture Is Now!


I am raising money for the entire world.

 As we live in a more disposable society, where we throw everything away almost as quickly as we first use it, and where our interpersonal interactions are often conducted at great distance over the internet, we place much less attention on the value of face to face chats and knowing our neighbors. As we currently are being reminded, the people in our lives are not permanent fixtures, and we should cherish them, and we must all assist each other in any way we can. Paper products are a big deal right now, and as we all require the increased volume of paper supplies, we forget that they come from the trees that give us our life breath. [Sustainable sources of paper materials like Bamboo and Hemp are already available and cheaper in the long run.]

I want to plant a fruit tree in every yard across the globe. If each yard in a neighborhood had a variety of fruits growing in it, the neighbors would be  encouraged to interact and to trade their various fruits or the things they make from them for the fruits of the labor of others. The additional foodstuffs provided by a worldwide orchard would do a great deal to combat the hunger problems of the population, and jobs could be created to care for the trees. These jobs could potentially be manned by the homeless and those unable to work in normal roles, but who could wander around and take care of the trees that would inevitably also feed them.

And that is only the beginning. The trees which need nutrient-rich soil to thrive, could be fueled by new nationwide and worldwide efforts to compost the incredible amount of scraps we generate as a people on a daily basis. This means that less food scraps go into garbage facilities, and cleaner trash is more easily recycled than if it is combined with organic matter. The increase in trees in cities means more oxygen, better air quality, and healthier residents, which in turn, leads to better functioning minds to create the future we all want to nurture to help humanity grow in the best possible way.

Cleaner air, healthier families, closer communities, reduced waste, new jobs, all just small parts of a better more enlightened future.

Let’s bring back community to our communities and, now, when life is giving us lemons, let’s take a little time, make a little donation, and make some lemonade for our collective future.

Anyone who would like to have a tree planted in your yard, or to donate a tree to someone, please get in touch with me.

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